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    Re: Need help: # Students with Multiple Absences

    Matt Lutton

      When using this method, the bars are separated by each value.  Is there a way to merge the bars easily?  I can group the entire chart, but that gets a little messy as I would need to change the tooltip, etc.  Any better way to do that?


      I also would like to duplicate these as crosstabs, such as

      # of Students with Multiple Tardies

      1-3                     75

      4-5                     40

      6-9                     15

      10+                    20


      Again, when I try to do this, it separates each value by student ID rather than the total.  I'm sure there's a simple way to address this but its all new to me.




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          Joshua Milligan



          What is the AGG(Students with...) field on the Rows?  Is it a calculation?  With ID on Columns, you are telling Tableau to give you a column for each ID.  What happens if you remove ID from Columns?


          It might be helpful to actually see some sample data in a packaged workbook.  Would you be able to mock-up something  similar to your case (even using the sample Superstore Sales data provided with Tableau)?:




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            Matt Lutton

            Yes, its a calculation that defines the levels of absences.  The other field, ID, is the students.  I don't see how I'd replicate it with sample data on the fly, but I figured there was a simple way to get the total/summary of the groupings instead of the "1" for each match.  Its not critical to do this, since its displayed properly in a graph, but I am trying to learn as much as possible.  Filters are applied globally, so I cannot group the data (as far as I know) because the groups would change based on the filters displayed.  I just thought there might be a simple way to fix this and provide the summary numbers.


            I don't want to remove the students from the columns, but want to display the total # of students there instead of each individual student.  I have tried sum, but it will just say "10+" and the total.


            I am trying to translate this chart into the crosstab form:



            Thanks!  I will prepare some sample data if needed later.