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    Filter...and opposite of filter

    Dan Gerena

      In version 8.0, I have 2 tables on a dashboard...one allows the users to select a department(s), and shows the results for the selected department(s).


      I want the other table to show all other results (those NOT selected in the aforementioned department filter).


      How can I set this up?

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          Michel Caissie

          Dan you could try this,


          1-Create a Parameter    DepartmentParameter: type string ,   add from field Department


          2-Create two sets from  Department 

               SelectedDepartment:  By Formula :   [Department] = [DepartmentParameter]

               OtherDepartment:  By Formula :   [Department] <> [DepartmentParameter]


          3-Create one sheet with the SelectedDepartment set on the Filter shelf  and another with the OtherDepartment set


          4-Bring the two sheets on the dashboard along with the parameter for the selection