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    Filter Actions Across Data Sources not Recognizing Relationships?

    John Sobczak

      This is a somewhat involved question so bear with me.  Can anybody confirm that when using dashboard filter actions across data sources where equivalent dimensions (with different names), that they need to be set up as target filters for those dimensions within the action, EVEN if a relationship is already set up for those dimensions outside the action?  I came across this issue yesterday and it took me half a day to figure it out, but just wanted to confirm with someone else if I may have missed something.  When I changed the dimensions names to be the same it finally worked or when I set up a target filter for the dimension in the action.  As I said a relationship was already created for this dimension across these data sources.  I know, you would like me to attach an example - I will try to create a simple one - but I cannot attach the actual file I was working with for proprietary reasons.