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    How to control quick filter options for different users?

    Gautam Gupta

      Hi - thanks in advance for your help.


      How can I have one report on Tableau server that can be accessed by end users in different teams but users get to see only thier team's data in the report?


      I've a report for a large group of end users. I want to control what data each user can see in the report. End users are organized in five teams and I've a quick filter that has each of these five teams. My question is how can the filter be "auto-selected" for the corresponding team based on who is looking at the report?


      I've a Tableau server setup and am designing the report on my desktop. the report will be uploaded on the server. I know about the creating the GROUPS on the server. I can create five groups for the users on the server. But I dont want to maintain five versions of the report for each user group.