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    Automatic pre-define (Selection) Highlighting

    cristobal berger

      I currently have a worksheet conneted to a sql data source of the last 3 months using a side-by-side graph type for two measures (calc. fields). As you may noticed as time passes the week number columns names would change (ie. top 3 this month: W22, W23, W24 / top 3 next month W26, WW27,W28 ), which makes difficult to use some group feature. Also are dimension filters involved, so when a filter is applied I want to hang on the highlighting. As a solution I already thought in a calculated field, but I could only modify color format and that isn't exactly what I want.


      Neccesity: Highlight the last 8 weeks as if they where highlight-selected, even when the columns name alter through time. 


      Images depicts actual (a) and required (b) situation.


      Image (a)


      Operator Performance.jpg


      Image (b)


      Operator Performance2.jpg