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    Filter resets when using Actions

    Robert Courage

      I've got a dashboard with three worksheets.  The three worksheets are Sales data by Region, Sales data by District, and Sales data by Program.  I've got one filter I apply to all worksheets where we remove one of our programs.  On the Dashboard, the three worksheets are connected by actions so clicking on a region or a district or a program will update the other worksheets.  When Im on the Dashboard, and I click on one of the programs, the one program we initially had excluded in the filter comes back to the programs worksheet.  How do I keep it unselected permanently?

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Robert,


          This behavior is unexpected and may be a bug, so I encourage you to contact our excellent Support team (support@tableausoftware.com) so they may work with you to examine your workbook, collect logs and discuss the problem in more detail.


          In the meantime, here are a couple possible workarounds:

          1. Switch to your 'Programs' worksheet so that the Data window is displayed on the left side. Right-click on your Program field and choose Duplicate. Take the new field -- likely called 'Program (copy)' -- and drag it to the filter shelf to reconstruct the filter that excluded a particular program. Next, apply that filter to the appropriate worksheets in your dashboard. Does this seem to fix the problem?
          2. Alternatively, try using Data Source Filters. These will apply to all worksheets which use your data source, so it may be too broad for your needs. Here's how to create one: Right-click on your data source icon in the Data window (or browse through the top-level menu from Data >> (your data source) >> ... and choose the menu item called 'Edit Data Source Filters...'. Then create your filter on the field Program as you had done before. Does this work?


          I hope this helps,


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            Paul Davis

            Hi Robert,


            Did you find a solution to this issue or get a response from Tableau?  I had the same problem on a dashboard today.  Option 1 from Robert M fixed my issue fortunately.  This issue is bizarre, so it would be good to understand what causes this.

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              Noel Avison

              I was getting the same problem. I set an action to filter from view #1 to view # 3 in my dashboard and when I click on view #1 all my filters are cleared for everything. I had filters that were applying to both sheet 1 and 3 that were also used in the action. Once I made the filters only apply to sheet 1, it no longer cleared the filters when using the actions. So it seems like if you are using an action filter for Region for example, you should remove the Region filter from that view before you use the action otherwise it may clear the region filter for everything it is applied to. This definitely seems like a bug.

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                Andrew Ball

                Don't think this is a bug.

                The action is effectively altering the same filter that you've already got on the sheet. And since that filter applies to all worksheets, you create a bit of a loop.

                As Robert Morton mentioned, one solution is to create a duplicate field that you use to permanently exclude the data

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                  Keith Helfrich

                  Hello Robert,


                  You offer two creative solutions, and I have the same problem: the dashboard action is altering the original filter that was placed onto the worksheet.  When a user employs the action, and then undoes it again, the original filter value is magically wiped away (very undesired).


                  I am unable to employ your creative solutions, however, because I'm working against an Essbase cube as the data source.


                  To my knowledge, neither solution is possible against a cube:  I can neither "duplicate field", nor employ "data source filters".  So in my case, I would suggest that this behavior is indeed a bug.


                  Are you perhaps able to offer an additional creative solution for this problem when working against a cube ?


                  In the worst case, are we somehow able to offer a "reset this view" button (which would return all dashboard / worksheet filters to their original settings) ?


                  Please confirm, thank you!
                  Keith Helfrich


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