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    Grouping Customers (Creating Sets) Based Off Calculated YOY Variance

    Jason Krantz

      I am trying to build a year over year YTD volume bridge and would like to group the positive YOY variances together in one report while grouping the YOY negative variances in another report. If it is possible to get both groups in one report, that is great. The end goal is to have this volume bridge in one dashboard for executive management.


      I am referencing http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/top-n-and-others-sets to try and accomplish this, but don’t know how to reference the table calc for YOY variance.


      The 4 pieces of the report would be as follows:


      • Prior Year YTD Volume - Start
      • Positive YOY variances
        • Top 15
        • Other” Positive Variances - Expandable to see details
      • Negative YOY variances
        • Bottom 15
        • Other” Negative Variances- Expandable to see details
      • Current Year YTD Volume - End


      I have attached a screen shot of a sample report that contains the type of layout I am looking for. I imagine that I will have to put this together via a dashboard which is perfectly acceptable.


      The “Sample YOY Variance Grouping” tab in the attached workbook has YOY variance calculated, and I would like to sort the 2013 YOY calculated variance from largest to smallest. From there, I would like to create a set based off the top X (say 15) positive variance customers while grouping all the other positive and zero variances under the “Other Positive Variances” bucket. I can then copy this report and repeat the same process for the negative variances. Adding these variances together will allow me to arrive at my current year number.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!