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    highlight common rows in two worksheets of the same dashboard

    Saghar Tamaddon

      I have a dashboard that has the following four worksheets:

      1. sales by category
      2. top 50 products per category (this is generated once user selects a category)
      3. sales by customer
      4. top 50 products per customer (this is generated once user selects a customer)


      Case scenario and problem: User selects a category and top 50 products for that category get listed in worksheet #2. Then user selects a customer from that category (from worksheet #3) and top 50 products for that customer get listed in worksheet #4. Now I want to highlight the products that are common between worksheet #2 and #4. How can I do it?


      My dashboard is confidential, I hope someone can answer my question without having the Tableau file. However, I can make a fake one, if needed.


      Thank you!