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    Stacked chart with custom images




      I got great responses here last time, so I'm trying it again.


      I'm a Tableau beginner and working on some infographics now. I have an image of how I would like it to look (found it online with no instructions, unfortunately) but can't figure out how to get it (although I'm working very slowly toward it). I attached the design inspiration, workbook and the custom shapes (already in my Tableau repository).


      I would greatly appreciate any help.


      Thanks so much in advance,



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          Joshua Milligan



          Looks like you were most of the way there!  Here is what I did to finish it:


          1. Create a subdirectory for your image fileds and add Custom Shape image files to the My Tableau Repository\Shapes\ directory.  They will now be available to assign as shapes.


          2. Create a calculated field for each measure to make one gender a negative value (so I can center on zero).  Use these fields instead of the original fields.


          3. Create a dual axis using Measure Values (made sure to synchronize the axis), then set one as a bar and one as a shape and used the custom shapes.


          4. Changed the formatting of the [Measure Values] on the pane to custom and used %0.00;%0.00 so positive or negative would show without a sign.


          There might be a few minor things I left out of the list above.  If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them!





          Custom Gender.png

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            Hi Joshua,


            Thanks so much for your answer.


            What you created looks great. But I'm gonna be picky and keep asking. I attached another pic of what I want (created this in the dashboard, just added images, but I want to be able to do it the "proper way", plus I don't like the white background in the images) - so the only difference with yours really is that I don't want it centered around 0 but be able to show the actual numbers too, the proportion if that makes sense.


            I think it's just couple simple steps, but I'm getting stuck at couple places:


            1. I created copies of my values to do a double axis/chart -- but when I put them on the columns shelf,  they stay as 4 separate measures and I can't really work with that. Is there a way to make these four measures into another 'Measure values'? Or is there some other trick to it? I know this is the basics but I keep struggling with the double axis and charts....


            2. I managed to get the two images for boys and girls into the chart - but when I use them, it just gives me their outline in one color, not the actual image (see the workbook attached).


            Thanks so much in advance for a bit more help with this.


            Best wishes