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    Filtering Combinations and Excluding Others

    Chris Tsui

      Hi there,


      I am trying to create a filter which will allow me to predefine some combinations of the filter items but exclude others.


      My Data looks similar to:



      What I'd like to do is have a filter that would group "Toys and Games" together, so that when I filter for "Toys and Games" only Order 1 Comes up.

      Thus excluding all orders that don't meet this combination criteria.  I've been able to filter on Toys, or Games and it brings back 1,3 or 1,4

      If I have both types selected it brings back 1, 3, 4


      So it looks like the normal quick filter action is using an "OR" statement.  Is there a way to create an "AND" statement?


      I would have a filter for each individual type as well, but to have combinations of Types which would exclude the single values of the combination?


      I have been trying to get my head around Sets but I seem to be hitting a wall.


      Any help would be appreciated.