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    Greatest Data Interpretation, Ever!

    Shawn Wallwork

      This is such a great send up I just had to share it here with my forum friends:







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          Cristian Vasile

          Well, i feel that we shall build a small temple for Tableau founders, at least they give us Tableau Public.






          This is my favorite:



          Brad Plumer is a reporter at the Washington Post writing about domestic policy, particularly energy and environmental issues.


          18) We’re wasting tons of water on showers:

          It's Getting Better All The Time / Stephen Moore & Julian Simon

          It’s Getting Better All The Time / Stephen Moore & Julian Simon

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            Shawn Wallwork

            I truly laughed harder than I have in years at several of these. The humor was all over the map: subtle, stupid (slapstick), funny but sad, outrageous, etc. I was thinking we should institute a poll -- the little used widget available to us on some of the forum pages. I just can't decide what the poll should be:


            • Of the 31 what was your favorite? (a little lame)
            • Which one was "most sad, but true"?
            • Which was funniest?


            Ultimately I think the more interesting 'contest' would be a sort of "can you top this": How would you rewrite the interpretation of this viz? After all the overall funniest part of the whole exercise was how ridiculously extreme the interpretation of a viz can be!


            I'm starting to think all vizzes should contain some sort of smoking-type warning about the caption-writers:


            "The caption accompanying this data visualization does not necessarily reflect an accurate understanding of the data presented or have any correlation with the data analyst's understanding of the data. Using the caption may be extremely hazardous to your company's health. XXX"