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    Displaying additional dimension by color within bar chart

    Kobe Royo

      Sample surveyed to test correlation of Exercise Yesterday with Reported Mood today. Entries for Exercise are binary (1:exercised, 0:no exercise). Entries for Reported Mood: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor.


      Curious how to differentiate bar charts by percentages/breakout of Mood by Color, while bar height/total still remains total Exercise/Did not Exercise that day.


      "Image 1.png" represents Exercise by Day displaying Count of Exercise. Totals are by each day and up to 100%. Would like to maintain the same format, only adding "Mood" dimension by Color within each bar.


      Does a calculated field need to be used to achieve this?



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          Dana Withers

          Hi Kobe,


          There was no dataset, so my dataset is a bit rubbish, and I'm not entirely sure what you mean with your question if a calculated field needs to be added.


          I did however get a workbook that may help you further.

          I've created the graph you showed in your screenshot and then added mood/colour. I've left percentages on the bars, which means it will calculate by all the different moods. I think  you wanted to keep percentages on the top though. Adding a reference line will do that.


          Hope this helps, give a shout if anything is unclear.