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    How to dynamically filter on Aggregate Values

    Nay Lin Soe

      Hello all,


      I have got transactional data of names and prices. I like to create a filter on the names whose TOTAL PRICE is above a certain value, set by a parameter. In the attached sample, I created Desired - IsAboveMinTotalPrice as SUM([Price]) >= [Min Total Price]. My intention is to put that onto the filter shelf (or even create a set), and select only 'True'. But Tableau wouldn't allow me to put that.


      For comparison, I also created IsAboveMinTotalPrice as [Price] >= [Min Total Price]. That one can be put onto the shelf, but obviously the filter is working at the transactional level, not on the aggregate (total) that is desired.


      Any suggestion as to how to approach this would be greatly appreciated.