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    How can I setup an email to automatically exclude todays data but show yesterday and the day before?

    Kristin Lundin

      I have a dashboard that is reporting a metric "premiums" for the last 3 days for each country (Germany, Canada, UK) and this is emailed out using Tableau server at 6a Berlin time and again at 6a US time.


      Each country is a separate worksheet and I already use a calculated field to adjust the UTC reported date to the correct timezone for counting purposes.

      The problem is that I only want to include "completed" days on the report - so on the 5/24 6a US report I should only have Germany numbers up through 5/23 even though there is technically activity on 5/24 - the day isn't complete... and on the 6a Berlin time I should only have up through yesterday for Canada. The report is specified to show the last 3 days of data (using the above rules). Can someone guide me on how I might setup the filter to accomplish this?


      Below is an example of the emailed report (i.e. the dashboard) - I've blocked out the actual numbers and metrics because they are sensitive but you can see the organization. Ideally, what I want is the May 23rd to show up only if 23:59:59 on that day has already occured in that country's timezone.