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    How to create dynamic reference lines based on a dimension filter?

    Elena Barmina



      I've got to create a trend chart that is going to be filterted by a dimension. By default ALL the values will be shown. When a single value is selected, then I want to show a reference line that shows the goal for the selected value.


      Business-wise, the situation looks like this. There are a number of employees who are divided into 3 skill levels. Level 1 has to process 10 items per day; level 2 - 7, level 3 - 5. The trend I want will show the daily number of items processed per employee (i.e. there will be a line for each employee) and I would like to be able to filter it by skill level. So when I select "All" (meaning all levels), I want all lines for all employees to be shown, but no reference. When I select each single level, I want to display lines for only those employees who are assigned this selected level and a reference lines that would show the goal for this level.


      It's important that I keep this "All" option with no reference shown as well.


      I'd really appreciate some help with this. Or point me to a like discussion if there was one already.