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    Custom Date Range


      i have this below data where its hows the merchant name and the start  and end date.
      SE NameDescriptionStart DateEnd Date
      Best BuyBest Buy -> Spend $50 get $5 back1/1/20131/25/2013
      Best Buy224Best Buy -> Spend $50 get $5 back1/2/20131/26/2013
      Best Buy332432Best Buy -> Spend $50 get $6 back1/3/20131/27/2013
      Best Buy4Best Buy -> Spend $50 get $5 back1/4/20131/28/2013
      Best Buy59999999Best Buy -> Spend $50 get $5 back1/5/20131/29/2013
      Best Buy667687Best Buy -> Spend $50 get $5 back1/6/20131/30/2013
      Best Buy
      Best Buy -> Spend $50 get $5 back1/7/20131/31/2013
      I need to create a start date and end date separate filter where if i select the start date and then in the next filter the end date, the SE name between that date range should show up.
      I achieved this through start date and ending date filter function but i am looking for a parameter control something like start date and and end date because it shows like a calendar.
      Attach is the workbook.