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    Issue with Packed Bubble Rendering when using Slider

    Matthew Lewis

      Hi there,


      I'm relatively new to Tableau but enjoying the experience of using it immensely.


      I've added a slider to a Packed Bubble Visualization to filter the number of bubbles shown (just show small bubbles/just show larger bubbles etc). As you can see from the screenshots below, the chart behaves abnormally when the range is maxed out from 0 to the highest value.


      I haven't had much luck through Google but have heard good things about the community on this site. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this problem before, and if so, knows of any workaround to prevent its recurrence.


      If it is helpful, the data set does contain one or two negative values - however, I've both excluded/made absolute without much luck. Additionally, I have had this problem on both Tableau Desktop 8.0 and Tableau Server 8.0.


      Greatly appreciative of any help or assistance,



      Slider set to 1-16 million:

      Packed Bubbles - working.jpg


      Slider set to 0 - 16 million:

      Packed Bubbles - broken.png