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    Help with live connection to sql server from tableau server

    Eric Engvall

      Please help.  I am new to administration of Tableau Server and I don't understand what steps I need to do to setup a connection like this.

      Everywhere it says it is possible but I can't figure it out.


      I have source data in sql server.  The account that tableau runs under (known as Tableau service account) has access to that data.  I would like the Tableau service account to be used when accessing this data in sql server. I would like the data to be pulled fresh from the server every time a user opens the report (no extracts).  I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this.  It seems so fundamental to how a report server should work and yet I cannot find instructions for doing it.  Please help. I have spend way over 16 hours on this.


      What I have done.

      I have created my live connection in Desktop using integrated security.  I then published my connection to Tableau Server.  I have tried both [Server run as account] and [impersonate via server run as account].  I then go to the server and click create workbook from the Data Source. I then get prompted for a login\password.  No matter what I put here the connection does not work but I should not be prompted at all. The Tableau service account should provide the login\password and it should just connect.