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    Display selected company name at the top of a dashboard

    Saken Kulkarni

      Hi Tableau Jedis and Yodas,


      I am creating a dashboard that has a list of companies and their locations (this is a dummy workbook). When a user clicks on an individual company, that company pops up in the Selected Company box so the user can see which company is selected.


      I did this by creating an action filter and saying that whenever the company name is selected, it will filter a different worksheet. In that different worksheet, I dropped company name into the rows shelf.




      So, whenever Best Products is selected, Best Products is shown in the Selected Company Selection


      dashboard example.PNG

      However, the problem occurs when NO selection is made. When no selection is made, all of the company names appear, as nothing is filtered. Therefore, when no selection is made, this is what appears


      dashboard example.PNG

      As you can tell, it is the same. What I want to have is the Selected Company box read "None" or be blank when nothing is selected. This doesn't work in the hack that I created.


      Does anyone have a real solution for this? Or a much better hack?