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    Color coding by columns

    Vihar Parikh

      Along with other columns and rows, I have a MONTH column that lists all months from January to December. When I create a graph, I can see the graph just fine but all columns are colored blue. Is there a way I can alternate color coding to have Blue for the 1st month, Red for the 2nd month and so on



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          Dan Huff

          If you just put your Month field onto the color shelf you will be able to set a color for each month by double clicking the legend and editing the default assigned colors.

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            Vihar Parikh

            Thank you. So simple!

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              Francis Grabowski

              Hi There,


              Thanks for all this useful info. I have one more layer of complexity to add to this.


              I have multiple identical parameters, say Parameter 1, Parameter 2, Parameter 3. Each one lists the key dimensions being analyzed in the data.

              I have multiple Calculated Dimension Fields that uses the Parameters to select which Dimension to return. For example, Dimension 1 is defined as If Parameter 1 = 'Company', then [Company], ELSIF Parameter 1 = 'Department', then [Department], ELSEIF Parameter 1 = 'Market' then [Market] ENDIF.

              Dimension 2 and Dimension 3 are replicas of Dimension 1, just using Parameter 2 and Parameter 3 respectively.

              I then use these calculated Dimensions to make the worksheets dynamic, allowing the user to update the visual on the fly (x, y, color) using the parameter controls.

              What I'm experiencing is an issue getting the colors to sync across multiple worksheets where multiple Dimension calculated fields are providing the same values. For example, Worksheets 1 uses Dimension 1 for color and Worksheet 2 uses Dimension 2 for color. If both Parameter 1 and Parameter 2 have 'Department' selected, both Worksheets 1 and 2 should both color by Department. They do, but they show different colors for the same Department. For example, Department A is blue and Department B is Yellow on Worksheet 1, but Department A is green  and Department B is orange  on Worksheet 2.


              I get why I'm seeing the issue, because I'm technically using different Dimensions, however in order for this dashboard to work correctly, I do need to get the values in synch across the various calculated dimensions. I currently have 10, and each has 10 or so potential fields to display, so doing so manually just won't work.


              Any insight or ideas would be very much appreciated.