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    Format Parameter Display on Dashboard

    bruce lomasky

      I figured out I can have the parameter name to the LEFT of the field instead of on top by adjusting the height of the parameter, however, I can not find a way to make the title take more space and the input field to be narrower (The parameter is a string with ANY value allowed).  Is this possible?  If I make the title longer, I get the title truncated with ... at the end of it.  (of course, what would be really nice would be to control the title font (which I can do) and the parameter input font separately.





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          Shawn Wallwork

          You can't currently get a multi-line parameter title, which is what is sounds like you're looking for. If you put this in the Idea section I'll vote for it. Also you can't currently format the text of a parameter or quick filter; this one I think already has an idea out there somewhere.



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            Eva Murray

            I've just started using parameters and have developed a little workaround which allows you to format the output (e.g. % figure) of a parameter.


            1. create the parameter and turn on "parameter control"
            2. create a calculated field where the calculation = parameter (so the result is simply that of the parameter)
            3. create a new sheet with the new calculated field on the Text panel
            4. format the output of the calculated field, adjust number format, font, size, colour, etc.
            5. on your dashboard show the parameter control, untick the "show readout" option", but leave the slider and buttons selected.
            6. float the parameter control and the worksheet containing the parameter output (e.g. % figure) and align them in whichever way you want.


            Limitation: this workaround doesn't enable you to format the "Type in" field of a parameter.