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    Filter action that will change the value of the parameter - is it possible?

    Magdalena Zielinska

      Hello Everyone,


      I am trying to create the report that will show the global and regional overview. At the moment I have two separate dashboards:


      - First that show totals for every region together with total global values

      - Second that have the filter action - after choosing the region I see values for every country in this region


      Both dashboards have exactly the same charts - the difference is that the first show everything per region and the other everything per country in the chosen region.


      I am wondering is there any easier way to present this data as a one dashboard...


      I created parameter (global/regional) and calculated field based on it that change the measure used in worksheets, that is:


      When global - use region field

      When regional - use country field


      Is there any way that will allow me to connect the filter action with parameter value? In other words when I chose REGION - all values will be filter by this region and i will see charts per country in this region. When I choose ALL - all charts will be per region?


      I hope that I managed to describe it clearly enough.

      I will be extremely grateful for any suggestions!