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    Historic view of Open Cases

    Mark Hermen

      I currently have a report that provides me the # of open support cases as of any date I select. It filters cases with 1. Create/Open dates before my parameter date and 2. with no close date or close date is after my parameter date. The last part of that filter is important as you go back in time to accurately calculate what the backlog (# of open cases) would have been as of that date.


      What I have been asked to produce is a historic view of this information. In other words, a viz of the backlog over time. For example, using the attached sample workbook, on 3/1/13, the backlog was 3536 cases. on 3/15/13 it was 4006, and on 3/22/13 it was 4352. I want to see that information, but on one chart with the dates on the x-axis and count of open cases (backlog) on the y-axis (probably in the form of a line chart).


      I'm having trouble coming up with the dynamic calc that figures out the backlog on evey given day and then display that over time. My original data source is a Greenplum database, but I've based this workbook off of a sample excel sheet.


      Hopefully you can help take this to the next level by helping me create a Backlog (open cases) over time viz.