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    Rearranging Forest Plot with heading columns?

    Cora Allen-Coleman

      I'm putting together a table and forest plot figure of odds ratios for a range of medications. There are 3 types of odds ratios for each medication, represented in text form (in table columns) and visually (in 3 forest plots). Now, I have a three text columns followed by 3 forest plots. From left to right: the medications are arranged along the y axis, followed by the 3 text columns of odds ratios (one column for each type of odds ratios) and 3 forest plots (one for each odds ratio).


      I've copied the text columns with odds ratios as dimensions and placed them on the "rows" bar so that they appear after the list of medications. I'd like to rearrange the columns and plots so that they're in this order: text column with 1st odds ratios, forest plot 1, text column with 2nd odds ratios, plot 2, text column 3, plot 3. Is there any way to move these text columns so that they are interspersed with the plots?