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    Grand Total with Table Calculation in Blended Data


      Hi guys,


      I have two data sources, first one has the sales records contains UPC, quantity sold, category name. But my costs are from a separate data source that is a list including unit cost by UPC. I blended these two data sources in Tableau and wanted to get a aggregated costs by item/category by using quantity from source 1 multiply unit cost in source 2. The calculated field of 'Total Costs' is created based on this logic. When I drag it into view, the costs showed up by UPC perfectly except grand total (Sheet 1) . The summation of column 'Total Costs' is apparently $1034 while grand total shows $761.


      I did a table calculation with 'window_sum' in Sheet 2 to get cogs by category, the grand total worked fine, When I drag the same calculation in Sheet 1, the grand total goes wrong again... I don't even understand how this $761 is calculated, anyone could help me from here/