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    Regarding Multiple Marks on View




      I have a situation like below example:


      If i want to create a view  with barchart and a line chart above the barchart.


      Assume that i have one dimension(contains 4 values) and two measures.

      What i want is ,in the bar chart i want to show 3 values from one dimension when i drag dimension to color shelf under one measure and i want to show remaining one value on Line chart under another measure.


      Issues i am facing:


      I am using multiple mark types to achieve this but when i am dragging the one value it is effecting the other marktype under another measure.


      I know its bit confusing .

      so i am attaching the screen shots


      I want bar chart like first screen shot but i want a line chart above that


      Only challenge here we have to use same dimension for both marktypes, dual axis also didn't helped for this because using dual axis it creates 4 lines on the bar chart because we are showing 4 values on barchart like in first screen shot.