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    Filter a field based on another field

    Heather Fingalson

      I have a field being filtered with a parameter.  I to be able to compare the results to fields with similar attributes without having to select another filter.


      I put together a simple sample workbook:


      The table has field 1, with different colors, and field 2 with different animals.

      There is only one animal for each color, but could be several colors for each animal.


      I have one worksheet that will filter on the selected color, and a second worksheet that filters on the Animal. I want that second worksheet to use the filter on the color to actually filter on the aminal


            If I select "BLACK" it will pull results for CAT, which is both  brown and black

            If I filter "Blue" it will give results for FISH, which is blue, green purple and yellow.


      Sample file is attached.