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    Two date fields on the same row!

    Murali Govindu

      Hi, I want to accomplish two date fields i.e., begin date and end date concatenated to display on the same row from a Teradata access.  As a policy, in the database, it cannot be changed to the date format that I needed i.e., May 22, 2013 instead of 2013-05-22.  In concatenation, I am able to get the date as yyyy-mm-dd to yyyy-mm-dd but I am looking for month dd, yyyy to month dd, yyyy (in full).


      I don't to do something on the custom sql, as it is messing up more.  Here in custom sql i tried changing the format command, but it is giving 30 LATIN error.


      I am confident that there should be a way out without bothering custom sql.


      Let me know if you could get the above, else, pl. reach me for clarification to help me out - Thanks a ton in advance.