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    Dumb Questioon for the day - only display last row in a column


      Hi there!  I think this is an easy question - but then I can't find the answer anywhere so maybe it isn't!!


      I have a table year/week # for rows, and then for values I have a countd of a field.  The table calculation is a percentage of the previous row because I want to see the change from week to week.  What I am looking for is another view of this data that shows ONLY the last row, so I can display it as a single number on a dashboard.  This row needs to be dynamic, as I add new week's data every week, and therefore the last row is a new week.


      What am I missing to be able to show this??  All I want to do is show in a colored blue  text box (so to speak) is "Change from last week"



      Thanks very much!  Hope to hear from someone!! (?)