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    Compute Average Daily Time by Month then Trend Month over Month Averages

    Jeff Black

      Tableau Community - I am working on a request which has me stumped.  I was asked if Tableau can:

      #1 compute the monthly average ETL load times from a date field with the format of:  MM/DD/YYYY HH:SS AM/PM (ex: across the 31 days of March the average monthly load time was 8:05am). 

           Fields to Calculate the monthly load time average:  ETL File Sent, ETL Load Complete


      #2 graph and trend the monthly average load times month over month.

           Fields to Graph:  Average Monthly (ETL File Sent) time, Average Monthly (ETL Load Complete) time


      #3 (my additional ask) While the request was for a line graph, which is my desired requirement, I am also open to hearing what others may have created specific to ETL or System load/processing time visualizations.


      I have attached some sample processing time data in a .TWBX as well as an image on a dashboard page of my desired visualization output.



      My first assumption was to create a calculated fields for obtain numeric minutes/hours/etc. and average those across a month.  I also thought I may have to duplicate the data source to plot the X and Y axis, but may be able to just create additional calculated fields for these values as well.