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    Hidden fields showing up when published to server

    Harley Ellenberger

      I have a workbook that I created using a data source that I published to Tableau Data Server.  When I publish my workbook to server, I'm only using 2 of my Measure Values (Spot Count and Est. Spending).  Here's the view from Tableau Desktop right before I publish....




      After I publish to server my view on server is displaying all of my measure values even though they should be hidden.  The screenshot only shows a couple of the values, but if I scroll to the right, they're all displayed in the view.




      I'm not quite sure what that 'sqlproxy' label is in the Measures area in my first screenshot.

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          Michael Cox

          I'm having the same issue.  Did you ever resolve this? 

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            Ivan Monnier

            I had the same issue, the hidden files that I used for calculated fileds in the sheet appear again when I publish on Tableau Server.

            I did it in 2 ways:

            1- Dirty - I make a "Start" sheet with only one measure comming from a non-calculated field. Then I publish, hidden fields remain hidden, and I edit the version on server.

            2- I prepare all calculated fields, hide the fields I don't want to appear, the I publish the Data Connection. After that, I create a workbook using the published connection.


            This solution seems better for me because:

            - when I use an extract, it is only copied once on the server (in the connection) instead of in each workbook.

            - anybody can then use this connection, as I want it to be, either with a Server account or Tableau Desktop.


            Hope to be clear enough.


            Best regards