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    Custom pop up message when no record is available?

    Saken Kulkarni

      Hi all,


      I am creating a dashboard that has a cross tab and allows the user to click into an individual company in that crosstab to find more information that company.


      When you click on the company in the crosstab, it filters to othat company on another worksheet. Currently, if no company information exists, the worksheet is blank. I want the behavior such that if I click on a company name and the company does not exist, a warning message appears that says "This company has no additional information"





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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Saken,


          This would make another good one for the Ideas section!



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            Graeme Frost

            Hi Saken

            I have had a similar issue and solved it....so you may be able to use this approach.  It is dependant on you using a database - and being able to create a view.

            1. Create a view where your input table is Unioned to a set of dummy records - 1 for each company.  The measures should be 0 so they don't affect your base data - but the Company ID/Name will be present.
            2. In your 2nd worksheet create a calculated field something like this:

            if Total(sum([Retail Product Tonnes],0)) = 0

            Then 'Sorry - but we don't not have data for this company'

            else ''


              3.   Then put the calculated field as the first pill on the Columns Shelf.  Fomat the text.


            The message will appear across the top.  Not quite as eloquent as what you have asked for - but at least it is claer for the user what is happening.