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    Publishing Extracts to Tableau Server issues

    Justin Emerick



      I'm running into some issues with Tableau Server (version 7). At my company, we are using Tableau Server as a way to access data that is behind a firewall. Users cannot access the DB through Tableau Desktop, they can only access Tableau Datasources on the Server.


      Here is the process by which Tableau Datasources are made:


      1) On the DB - View entities are made.

      2) Using an automated process that builds the XML .tds file, we publish via tabcmd the a datasource of the View Entity.


      Since Tableau datasources have limited functionality in their ability to join, these Views on the DB are highly de-normalized. As such, they take a long time to run.


      What I would like to do is create (or replace) the Tableau Datasource that is a MySQL connection with a Tableau Extract of the same data. It is not important for this data to be real-time, so I would also like to Schedule these Extracts to Refresh daily.


      Here is the process I've been Using.

      1) Open Tableau Desktop, connect to Tableau Server and connect to a Datasource (this is a datasource of the MySQL View)

      2) Create an Extract (this builds the data in a .tde file on my local machine)

      -- at this point I would expect the option to "Publish Datasource to Server" but I don't get this option. anyone know why?

      3) Build my reports and dashboards I need

      4) Publish workbook with underlying data to Server

      -- if I change the name of the Datasoruce, the Extract will appear on Tableau Server in the Datasources section. However, It doesn't allow me to schedule.


      Ideally, It would be great if their were an automated way (not having a human connected to the DB behind the firewall via Tableau desktop) to create Tableau Extracts that are published to the Server and can be schedule.


      If anyone can help me accomplish this, I'd really appreciate it.