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    Is there a way to compare data of the selected period with the previous period?

    Elena Barmina



      I would like to create a chart that will show comparison of a metric  value for the selected period with the value for the previous period, the period being WEEK.


      I think I want it as a bar chart where the bars will show the  value for the selected week (selected by means of a date filter showing week numbers) and I would like to show the previous week's value to be displayed as a reference line. Or it could be a table with just two sets of values: for the selected week and for the week previous to selected.


      Suppose my metric is "Number of Items Processed". In order to do the comparison I was thinking of creating a calculated field that would be looking at the previous week's data.

      One variant that I thought of was to use the WINDOW_AVG function and create the following calculation:

      WINDOW_AVG(SUM([Number of Items Processed]), -8, 0).

      Not sure this is the optimal way, though.


      Can anyone give any recommendations or point me to any related topics that you've come across?

      My question is:

      1. How can I create a calculation that would be looking at a previous time period? The condition is that if the time period of the report is changed (for example, from week 5 to week 6 or other week), the calculation will be looking at the previous period related to the selected period.


      And also a related question:

      1. Is there a way to create a calculation that would always be looking at the same date? For example, "Number of Items Processed in Week 5 of 2013"? (I can see there's a YEAR function is the list of Date calculations in the Calculated Field dialog, but only YEAR. Is there a way to get dates of smaller granularity, e.g. WEEK?)



      Sorry if these are the irritating newbie questions. I haven't manages to find a case description on the forum I'd be able to use straightforwardly. So if you know there is one, just point me there.