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    Special values (null) defined but not shown


      Hello experts,


      I am sorry, if this issue has been posted and solved before, just could not find the answer by searhing the Forum.


      I am trying to get the null values in my data to be shown as "n/a" in Tableau view. The field, I have formatted is AVG(Answer), i.e. an aggregated measure.

      I followed the help instructions, but just could not get the "n/a" to be shown in the table. The view was created as a text table and then changed to highlighted table to get the colour filling in the AVG(Answer) field.


      Attached is an Excel file with the data and a couple of screenshots to hopefully clarify my problem.

      Note, that I tried to select all the options one by one in the AVG(Answer) foramtting window --> Pane --> Special values --> Marks dropdownlist.


      Sincerely appreciating your help,