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    Max: 3 Dimensions and 1 Measure


      Hello everybody,


      I am currently working on a set of data that includes:


      Name / Data

      Units / Measure

      Country / Dimension (string)

      Brand / Dimension (string)

      Segment / Dimension (string)


      I have a map that displays the total Units for each Country by Segment via pie charts. What I want to do is, I would like to show the top Brand for each Segment via tooltip. In other words I want the name of the Brand, which has the most sales to be displayed, when I hover over each Segment of a pie chart. I already tried a couple of approaches but always ended up with complete nonesense...


      Therefore I will appreciate any advice that will help me to deal with this!



      Follow-up June 7th 2013:

      Skip down to see the discussion on how to create a top 3 ranking in this context.