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    How do I get the County Geo Dimension to show up on a map?


      I am trying to do the following:


      Make 1 map with the State Geo Dimension, and

      Make 1 map with the County Geo Dimension


      Attached are snippets of each. As you can see, the state geo dimension shows up on the map with blue dots and allows me to continue to add dimensions and measures to it to make a complete map (not shown). The county geo dimension does nothing. I'm not sure why that is, but for some reason it doesn't come up. When I go to filter it, instead of county names, it shows numbers. Not sure why that is either.


      Can anyone help me figure out how to get the county map to work?




      **UPDATE** I added a picture of what it looks like with both County and State Geo Dimensions on the Level of Detail Shelf.