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    Is there a way to get the start/end of a color gradient for a filled map to vary with a parameter?

    Cameron Matthews

      Say I have a filled map of sales growth rates from Year1 to Year2 by state...


      If I set up a parameter to choose between displaying just high sales states (by volume) and all states, Tableau does a nice job of dynamically readjusting the start and end of the color gradient used to fill the map. However, if I manually set the upper limit for the gradient (because one low volume state is a wildly high outlier for growth rate), there is no option to readjust that upper limit when the parameter is changed. If higher volume states tend to have lower growth rates, then the fill colors will be nearly indistinguishable when switching to a view of just high volume states. 


      I'm wondering if anyone has a clever hack to dynamically change the range of the color gradient for filled maps, with the control of being able to set the upper limit for the gradient on one or more parameter inputs.