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    I keep getting stuck trying to get aroudn this one:  Measure values as global filter


      I run analytics for a massive HR group within a large bank.  Associated with that is Learning and development.  We have a sql server with a list of about 15 measurements with values.  I use a set of relationship calculations to take things like classses then divide by hours, etc giving me about 20 different measurements that I need to plot by date. 


      That's easy.  I also typically show a dashboard with a total box so that the view by date tells an interactor what the tottal is.


      My problem is that the measure names can't be a global filter so the sheets in the dashboard do not change as aan interactor selects a given measure.


      I ahve tried a parameter with if then but I can't mix aggregate and non aggregate, I've tried a parameter with case and again no way to mix the aggregate and non aggregate.


      How can I just let someone select a measure and have it globally interact with the sheets.