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    How can I write an expression to get total sale of all the products while in dimension only one product has been selected .

    Mubbasher Khaliq

      Like I have selected only 'A' product so I want two measures in a combo chart i.e.

      Sale : Sum(Sale) it will give 3

      Total Sale : here I want sum of all the sales which should give 78


      Category     Sub-Category     Sale


      A                        a                  1

      A                        b                  2

      B                        a                  3

      B                        b                  4

      C                        a                  5

      C                        b                  6

      D                        a                  7

      D                        b                  8

      E                        a                  9

      E                        b                  10

      F                        a                  11

      F                        b                  12



      Is there any way to do that?