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    How to create Latest month to Previous Month comparison if I have 4 months of data?

    chris ng

      Hi all,

      I am a rookie user of Tableau.

      I have 4 months of data from Jan til Apr'13 and I would like to show the Month to Month comparison for Apr & Mar ONLY.

      Understand that we could create the calculation field -> difference across previous, however, it shows 3 different data from Jan to Apr.

      May I know if there's a way to show the difference for Apr & Mar data ONLY?

      Besides, I was trying to create April Year To Date figure,

      IF DAY([Date]) <= DAY(TODAY()) AND DATEDIFF('year',[Date],Today())= 0 THEN [Amount] END

      but the result generated was Month To Date data.

      Could anyone of you please assist?

      Thanks in advance!