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    Accidently remove a dashboard

    Patrick Delage

      Hello, If we don't have backup with the backup tool Tableau Software provide, but we have complete files system backup.


      Without restoring all c and d drive , is there more specific directory where Tableau server keep dashboard.  Like that, I can restore only these directory ?


      Any documentation or advice.  I look into admin guide. 


      Thanks in advance

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Pat -


          Great way to spend a Saturday, eh? Sorry!


          There is no way to restore a single, accidentally deleted dashboard regardless of how you approach it. It sounds like you don't have the original workbook sitting around on someone's Desktop that you could simply re-publish?


          You can restore a complete "snapshot" of ALL the reports, users, and security permissions that were in Tableau Server, but if you don't have a Tableau backup, this is going to be hard.


          The following steps are probably not recommended by Technical Support, but they might work for you. This might also completely blow up your Tableau Server install - so MAKE A BACKUP before you try this :


          (Assumes Tableau Server is still installed)


          • Stop Tableau Server
          • If you installed Tableau Server with a default file path, restore the following folder (and all the subfolders) from your Windows backup:
            • C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server
          • If you installed Tableau Server to a non-default place (for example, D:), you'll need to hunt a bit. You'll want to restore the following folder (and all the subfolders) from:
            • <your install location\Tableau\Tableau Server\data
          • Start Tableau Server


          Essentially, doing a restore like this will replace the existing Tableau Server repository database (where we store report designs, usernames, passwords, permissions, etc) and some other things on your machine with "older" versions. This restore will drop "older" versions of your data extracts on the system.


          Good luck - if you go this route, please, please, please make a backup first! Don't want to ruin your Sunday, too!

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            Patrick Delage

            Thank you very much.  This help me to start somewhere.


            I'm the new administrator for Tableau Software in our company.  Didn't have time to check the architecture.  It seem there is no backup strategy so far.


            So, I made the backup first, and I will probably doing a full restore of c: and d: drive from a snapshot.  Rather than restore only the directory you mention. 


            I will give you feedback...