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    How would I determine the Percentage of Pullthrough

    Matthew Hillis

      I'm working with Mortgage loan data that has a field for Locked Date, Lock Expiration Date, and Closed Date.  My goal is to find the percentage of Loans that are Locked and Closed without expiring with a filter on loans that were Locked in the previous month.  In this scenerio I have 3 different states a loan can be in. 

      1) Locked not Expired or Closed

      2) Locked not Expired and is Closed

      3) Locked Expired and Not Closed


      I want to add all the Locked loans for the previous month and then have 2 calculations Pull-through and Fallout


      Pull-through Calc

      [Closed Loans] / [Total Locked Loan]



      [Expired Loans] / [Total Locked Loan]


      I have been able to create a calculated filed that fills in 0 or 1 but I'm having a hard time using the sum of all the fields in my Puul-through or fallout calculation. 


      This is my [Closed Loan] Calculated Formula


      NOT IsNULL([Lock Date])


      NOT ISNULL([Closed Date])


      [Lock Expiration Date] >= Today()








      Any help or direction would be appreciated.