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      • 15. Re: How do Data Source Filters affect Extracts?
        Adishree Wadhawan

        Hi Robert,


        I have workbook with 'Login username ()' data source filter. I want to ignore this DS filter while creating an extract from a live connection workbook. That means, my extract should contain data fo all the users and not for the one logged in. How will i achieve this?


        Should i remove the data source filter and place it as normal filter in each worksheet of that workbook?


        Or Should i create a create a data source filer after taking an extract.

        • 16. Re: How do Data Source Filters affect Extracts?
          Baji Bonam

          Hi Adishree


          I am in a similar situation as you are. I was wondering if you managed to figure out any solution for this?


          Just to give a bit more background: I have 3 department users accessing same data - lets say IT, HR, Finance. And there are different row level permissions (e.g. some users see all data, some only see data applicable for one or more of their department/team(s)).


          UsernameData accessRow level securitydepartment/team name
          user1ALL - IT, HR, Financeall data
          user2ITRestricted to departmentuser's department(s)
          user3HR + FinanceRestricted to departmentuser's department(s)
          user4ITRestricted to teamuser's team(s)
          user5IT + FinanceRestricted to teamuser's team(s)


          I am using a live connection to a database view to get the above details. I am open for alternatives say, if I use an extract to get all data (for all departments/teams/users) then how can I pass the 'department/team' and 'row-level' filter based on a given user's login.


          Any thoughts on this are really helpful.



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