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    Merging 2 or more dimensions

    Richard Khuu



      I am looking for a the best solution to all me to merge/group two fields that contain the same data points that are using the same unique id.


      For example,


      Sample ID| Answer 1 | Answer 2

      Sample 1  | Yes          | No

      Sample 2  | No            | No

      Sample 3  | Yes          | No Answer

      Sample 4  | No Answer |No

      Sample 5  | Yes           |Yes


      So in this example I would like group and Sum all the yes, no and no answer for both Answer 1 and Answer 2 fields. Answer 1 and Answer 2 are currently setup as dimensions and data type is string. Sample ID is setup as a dimension as well.


      So for Yes we should have 4, No=4 and No Answer= 2.


      Any insights into what the best way to do this is.