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    Separating groups of bars and switching x axis label to the bottom

    J V

      See attached image for what I currently have:


      Tableau Help.PNG


      Basically, Vintage is a group of items based on when the item was created, so we have items created from 2006 through the present. Each color represents a time related snapshot of the data, in this case, the last three months. Here is an example of how this would be read: "Items originating in 2008 had dropped slightly from Feb to Mar, but spiked slightly in April.


      What I need to do is space out the groups of bars so that the three months in each vintage are close together, but there is space between each vintage. I tried to increase the width of the column dividers as you can see, but it didn't do anything helpful. Is there a way to add this spacing?


      Secondly, since I have two Dimensions in the Columns section, it puts my Vintage labels at the top of the graph and the Snapshotdate labels at the bottom. I hid the snapshot date labels, but I really need to switch the vintage labels from the top to the bottom. Is there a way to do this either?