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    Data extract taking much longer to create than before

    P Fro

      I have been creating an extract on a weekly basis connecting to an Access file where I'm joining three tables (one table has about 3 million rows, another has about 120K rows and the last has about 20 rows). It usually only takes 5 minutes or so, but all of a sudden this week, it's been taking almost 12 hours. I didn't make any changes to the data other than adding about 1000 more rows to one of the tables, so I'm not sure why I'm seeing this sudden incredible impact to my extract creation time. Looking at the log file, the bulk of the time is taken up with GET and PUT statements...they are just taking a massive amount of time for each statement.


      Also, I noticed that while I would normally see the "Extracting Data" alert box (with the "rows retrieved so far" notice) ticking up about 10-20 thousand rows per second, now it's taking several minutes to extract a few thousand rows.


      Any ideas why this would suddenly happen? It's only slow with this data source (as I've tested other workbook extracts with similar number of rows) so I don't think it's my computer just being slow.