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    Showing current weather forecast via Tableau Server

    Jonathan Drummey

      I'm helping someone out who has a requirement to show a 3 day weather forecast on their dashboards and I could use some help figuring out the best approach. The goal is to pull up a URL that will display the 3 day forecast inside a web object on the dashboard. Each user (on Tableau Server) can be in a wildly different zip code, so the URL needs to be customized per user.


      I know I can have a URL filter that a user can click and get the forecast, but we'd like it to automatically come up. While it's possible to configure a web object to have a set URL when it loads, the only available variables are at the workbook level and parameters, plus the Tableau Server username. So it doesn't seem like there's a way to automatically have a data-driven zip code used in the URL.


      One question I have is whether if a user sets a parameter and then saves the view in Server, if that parameter setting is specific to them? In that case, then the view could be configured in advance for each user with a parameter for the zip code and that could be passed in the URL for the web object.


      Besides my question, are there any other ideas on how to do this?





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