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    Salesforce API Limitation

    Robin Sturgis

      Has anyone run into a force.com API restriction that limits the Salesforce fields that are accessible via a connection to Tableau?

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          Sean Mullane

          I encountered an issue in 8.0.0. Regardless of which fields I selected in a table, all fields were downloaded. On some big joined tables this caused Tableau to run into some limit in the SFDC API which caused the extract to fail. The field selection bug is known to Tableau now, but I didn't see anything about it in 8.0.1 release notes so I don't think it's been fixed yet. Is this what you encountered as well?

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            Robin Sturgis

            I haven't encountered that, but rather the opposite.   There are a few fields that are not coming through when I connect to Salesforce through Tableau.    I read in the Tableau help that the force.com API restricts the type and amount of data accessible.    I'm hoping someone has discovered a way around this so I can use the fields I am targeting for my viz.


            THanks for your reply and input.