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    Failing to get SMTP alerts working

    Danny ONeill

      Hi all,


      I wonder if anyone can help me. We have just updated to version 8 and I am now trying to get email alerts working. If I understand the docs correctly it uses SMTP with basic auth and can authenticate anonymously. Is this true? I have it setup with appropriate settings if this is the case but it doesn't work.


      Done so far:

      - Stop service.

      - Configure - very simple, name of server (have tried by IP, netbios and fully qualified DN), blank auth, and extant email addresses for both recpt and reply.

      - Started services using the shortcut


      My understanding is that at this point it should send a test alert. Which is by the way insane, how is there not a 'test' button?? Starting it all up and stopping it again between every test is incredibly laborious, takes a good 15mins per test.


      Mail is certainly allowed to relay via our Exch 2010 server from the Tableau server's IP, it's IP is in the same receive connector as the other 20 or so servers on our network which happily relay mail for alerts or other purposes. I have manually done a telnet test from the Tableau server to our exchange server and that works fine.


      Exchange logs don't pick up on any attempts to talk to it from the Tableau server (except for my manual tests which all deliver fine.)


      My next step was to get wireshark on there and try to detect if Tableau is really actually trying to send tests or not.


      Anyone have any advice (or just want to support my rant about the necessity of a 'test' button! )? Are there any logs specific to Tableau which might record mail alert sending efforts and any errors associated with them?


      Thanks all,